Movement is perceived as a dynamic and conscious path toward the future. Ready to embrace other values that may generate new impulses, the Foundation’s commitment is to accompany the realities alongside which it works.


The Common Good is the combination of environmental, cultural and economic resources, which every human being should have access to, and the fundamental rights of every individual and every people.. COMITANS Foundation recognizes the aspiration for the Common Good as a fundamental value, which is achieved by rejecting strategies of power and competition, by seeking out cooperation among human beings, and by sharing knowledge, skills and resources.


The study, research and application of science are elements that have always characterized human identity and history. COMITANS Foundation considers knowledge the basic requirement for individuals and groups living in social marginality to acquire awareness and decision-making autonomy. Therefore, COMITANS aims to connect different areas of knowledge and make it accessible to anyone, in order to apply it, share it, and generate a positive impact in the community.


Every human being has the right to self-determination both as an individual and as part of a community. The word ‘empowerment’ synthesizes this multidimensional social process through which each takes control over his or her own life, exercises critical awareness, and actively participates in society with his or her own contribution. COMITANS Foundation believes in the possibility of each human being to self-determine and the need for organizations pursuing common objectives to network so that they can empower each other.